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  • DREAMCATCHER, Sienna Coral by The Boho Teepee
  • DREAMCATCHER, Sienna Coral by The Boho Teepee



Product Description

DREAMCATCHER, Sienna Coral by The Boho Teepee

Functioning like a spider web, dreamcatchers continue to capture bad dreams while letting good dreams pass easily through, down the adornments and feathers to the dreamer. Daylight cleanses the dreamcatcher from the bad dreams, dissolving them into the sunlight, says the legend.

This 9” coral handwoven dreamcatcher contains wooden beads as well as tiny chipped jasper (soothes out mental process, brings in prosperity, opens eye for beauty) and dark blue howlite (heightens creativity, expands self-expression, eases pain and cures insomnia). Citrine (boots self-esteem, positivity, and psychic awareness) and smoky quartz (elevates mood, increases protection and grounding) are scattered around its webbing. This dreamcatcher is finished off with an agate (boots courage, emotional strength, self-confidence and creativity) in its woven center.

To avoid distortion and damage, our dreams are cloaked in a native burlap pouch before they are sent away. 
Bead sizes, feather styles and string colors may vary due to the handmade nature of these products.

Size: diam. 23 cm x approx H 60 cm when hung. 

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