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A Guide to Minimalist Design

Minimalism can be a loaded word for many people. Images of stark white rooms with crisp straight lines more reminiscent of a museum than a home often spring to mind. However, the goal of minimalistic interior design is to utilise simple and essential elements for maximum effect.

It’s all about creating a living space that is clean, calm, open and free.

Approaching home design from a minimalistic perspective requires a keen command of basic design rules like proportion, balance and harmony. The aim of minimalism is to liberate a space from unnecessary noise, clutter and confusion. Minimalism is about designing a living space that is less stressful, better organized, easier to maintain and more visually appealing.

When decorating a minimalist space it is important to create a distinct focal point. Actually, one of the great advantages of minimalist design is the ease with which you can direct and elevate individual features within a room. With the right furniture, lighting or decorative accent, a room instantly transforms from an area of pure function to an engaging space full of life and identity. The simplest way to minimise your living space is to begin with furniture. Be selective and opt for furniture that is modest and unadorned but also sophisticated and stylish. Our Bamboo Lounge Couch is a wonderful example of the timeless beauty of simple and straightforward design. This large lounge sofa comfortably seats three people and looks great both indoors and out.

One of the “tricks” to achieving a minimalist look is to choose design objects that make their presence known through well-defined subtlety. The Jelva Side Table from Broste Copenhagen is a model of minimalistic perfection and ideal for any living space. Its delicate iron legs and large tray provide a stable base for this stylish fixture. Also, the table’s nesting design is perfect so you can use or store it as needed. With its singular, minimalist style this versatile table is a true showcase.

A distinctive light fixture can easily set the tone for any room. The clean, ultra-modern design of the Peter Lantern from Danish brand, Broste Copenhagen, is an example of how stunning, minimalistic design can instantly add depth and character to any space. The lantern’s geometric metal frame is a simple, yet bold showcase. With its clean, modern lines and vivid design this is a lantern that will look amazing in any room.


Minimalism is not a harsh design doctrine purely about the economy of furnishings and décor. Rather, it is a design method concerned with the creation of space and character. Minimally designed rooms are as much about visual space as they are about physical environment. Focusing on the essentials frees a room of confusion and achieves a visual appeal that is balanced and assured.

Everything has its place and in a minimalist house it is especially important to designate where you locate and store your objects. 

Typically, minimalist-inspired rooms feature a subdued colour palette. This helps open up the space within a room and, also, allows the room to act as a neutral canvas for highlighting favoured design objects and accent decorations.

Despite what one may think, carefully selected decorative accents are an important element when designing a minimalist space. House Doctor’s elegant  Cinth Vase or these unique, hand-made Les Glaçés Cement Tiles from French designer Marylène Tortora are beautiful additions to any minimalist space.


Consider accent decorations that add not just aesthetic value to a room but, also, serve as functional objects for daily home living. Serving trays and decorative platters are a wonderful way to accent any minimalist space.

Take a look at Lene Bjerre’s modern and sophisticated Brina Bamboo Tray. This large, round tray is an ideal centrepiece for your dining room table. 

Quality over quantity is not just the minimalist’s maxim; it is also an integral part of our mission at Stylodeco. We are highly selective because we know you have a discerning eye for sophisticated, high-quality design that gives you the freedom to live in a home of effortless beauty.

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