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House Tour | A Bright Home in Los Angeles

This bright and peaceful house in Los Angeles was featured in the famous "Kinfolk Home" book. Every detail in this apartment is there to make the home warm and welcoming:The large windows bringing light into the living spaceThe multiple yet subtle use of woodThe sophisticated combination of the colours beige, black and whiteThe use of [...]

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Lay Down A Style Statement With These Sleek, Black Home Furnishings

I know it's only Monday, and a bright colour like yellow might have been more appropriate to help get rid of your Monday blues, but I’ve just received all these new, sleek black items. Thus I decided to surprise you with a short selection of these lovely novelties. There are more online on the [...]

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Enhance Your Style Glossary With High-Shine Home Décor

When you hear the word ‘lacquer’, what comes to mind? Blinding brightness? Eye-watering shine? It may not be the most appealing word in the design lexicon but lacquer is a valuable tool when styling your home. Thankfully, today’s designers are approaching lacquer and high-shine finishes in a more sophisticated, subtle manner. The result is home décor [...]

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5 DIY Festive Table Decorations

With every new season comes a new reason to celebrate.We're approaching Christmas time, and I’m sure we have all spent quite a bit on Christmas presents for family and friends. Many also take this festive season to travel -- another big expense. If, like me, you have invited some friends over for New Year's Eve, [...]

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6 Elements Of Design And Why They Matter

Have you ever envisioned an idea for your space, but never knew how to make it a reality? Perhaps you've been scouring interior design magazines and made note of all the rooms and decor you loved, but aren't quite sure of how to attain that similar look in your own home.Taking a space from conception [...]

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Colours At Home | Meaning And Tips

What colour should you choose for your home? Below are some colour meanings and tips to help as you design your interior.To me, colour is incredibly subjective. It is so personal - you might like one colour whilst I prefer another. The sensation or feeling marked by a colour will also vary from one person [...]

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Set The Mood With Your Table Setting

The Gastronomic meal of the French was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. It is described as “a festive meal bringing people together for an occasion to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking”. It is also stated that “the setting of a beautiful table” is [...]

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5 Tips For A Romantic Dinner At Home

Looking for that « special place » for V-Day or any other celebration with your +1? Look no further than your own home! Here are 5 tips for a romantic dinner right at home.Avoid the "heart-themed" look at all costs! There are so many compelling and imaginative decorative accents to choose from that it is [...]

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Spruce Up Your Kids Room 3/3

Here is the last post of our series called "how to spruce up your kids room".You can check out my first post on wall decals, hooks & knobs, and my second post on kids mobiles and storage solutions for your kids rooms. I'll be ending the series today by talking about textiles, rugs and furniture.Cushions & Bed [...]

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Spruce Up Your Kids Room 2/3

This week I'd like to share a few more tips and ideas to help you revamp your little one's bedroom without breaking the bank: with some creative (and DIY) mobiles and garlands, and lovely toy baskets and boxes.Creative suspensions, garlands & DIY Kids mobiles For nights filled with sweet dreams and (hopefully, for your ears) [...]

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