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8 Printable Xmas Gift Wrapping Papers

Here is a selection of gift wrapping papers you can download from different blogs for free (for personal and instant use only). Simply click on the images below to download. Happy Gift Wrapping! ;-)

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Simple centrepiece ideas that will dramatically enhance your Christmas table decoration

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming around the corner, it might be time to start thinking about your Christmas table decoration. Need some inspiration? I have below listed a few simple centrepiece ideas that will dramatically enhance your table setting. Tablecloth To start with, select your tablecloth - one of the most important elements of your table [...]

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10 Ideas to Help Spark Your Christmas Spirit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year -- and also the busiest! During the holiday season we tend to rush around (more than usual) in order to meet all the demands that come with the Christmas season. With shopping, parties and family activities maxing out our calendars, it can sometimes be very overwhelming.The secret [...]

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Christmas Symbols: A Little History on Holiday Decorating

If you are anything like us at Stylodeco, you are fascinated by the history of decorating and design. With the holiday season approaching, we thought this was a perfect time to share the stories behind some of our favourite Christmas symbols and decorating traditions.Exploring the history behind Christmas symbols is a great way to inspire [...]

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Enhance Your Style Glossary With High-Shine Home Décor

When you hear the word ‘lacquer’, what comes to mind? Blinding brightness? Eye-watering shine? It may not be the most appealing word in the design lexicon but lacquer is a valuable tool when styling your home. Thankfully, today’s designers are approaching lacquer and high-shine finishes in a more sophisticated, subtle manner. The result is home [...]

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Bloomingville Simple Yet Stunning Glass Vases

Vases are one of the most versatile and important design accents in your home. Far from being an unassuming vessel that only displays flower arrangements, vases can be incredible design objects unto themselves. The best vases are not only functional but also enhance the aesthetic value of surrounding décor and interior spaces.The vases we cherish most [...]

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Check Your Balance

Does a cluttered home make you feel uneasy? This feeling is close to the one that can be experienced in a room without proper “balance”. In contrast, a room with a right balance generates a state of wellbeing. A room that has struck the right balance is harmonious and allows the eye to run through [...]

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Modern Minimalism in the USA

Let's start this week by paying a visit to the Grossman Residence, a bright, spacious, modern and minimalist house located in the US. This home is characterised by simple, clean lines combined with bright light, concrete walls and white wooden floors.This space was photographed by Casey Dunn.I hope you enjoy the photos below, and have [...]

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Dining with Chef Julien Royer | Odette Restaurant

23 May 2016 - I am delighted to unveil today my fourth collaboration with a Chef: Julien Royer from restaurant Odette. Last week, I happily headed (for the second time in my life - lucky me!) to the iconic National Gallery of Singapore where restaurant Odette is nestled. For the second time as I entered [...]

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The Ultimate Hostess Gift Guide

There is nothing more enjoyable than being welcomed into the homes of family and friends. While it is easy to be a guest and enjoy the fruits of another’s labour it is also incredibly important to show your hostess how grateful you are for all their hard work and hospitality. A hostess gift does not [...]

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